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StakeHaul is the #1 Social Betting app in the iTunes App Store.

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What is the StakeHaul Betting Platform?

StakeHaul is a betting platform that facilitates social betting between friends and keeps record of those bets.

Imagine betting your friend that lives across the country on who can hit a harder trick shot, or even play a game of "horse" on various trick shots, and having a platform that can tell the story of these bets more efficiently than all other social media.

StakeHaul is social wagering for the next generation. With StakeHaul, you can easily challenge your friends to games of skill or even be a third-party judge between mutual friends. Stake your hard earned cash, a night out on the town, or even your dignity. We strive to be the most entertaining and the most interactive social wagering platform on the market.

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Social Betting Challenger Feed
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In the spirit of challenges, we run contests regularly to give away great prizes for sports fans and competitors. 

Want a shot at winning our next prize, like $100 for Stubhub to get you tickets to see your favorite team's next game?

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