About StakeHaul Betting

About StakeHaul

StakeHaul Betting is a cash free way to collect monetary and non-monetary wagers on a mobile platform that guarantees safety and security.

It is the future of social betting by solving key problems in situations where betting outside a casino is highest. First, betting without cash will mean no more threat of personal harm when leaving a betting event or tournament. Second, organizers and players never have to worry about IOUs. Finally, an open ledger on the blockchain will allow players to verify they’ve been properly paid.

StakeHaul differentiates itself from other cashless platforms such as PayPal through its innovative tournament structure and features. Users can easily create real-time scoreboards, weekly leagues, and side bets. Users can also designate a “judge” to determine the correct payouts and rate other users on their trustworthiness to pay out. We have a patent pending on the StakeHaul betting process and have access to use seven additional patents through our partnership with Jackpot Rising.

Leadership Team

Jeffrey Lippert – Founder & CEO

Jeff has a wide range of experience starting and building ventures in the gambling and esports industries. For example, Jeff helped start the Global Esports Association which secured contracts to host a major Fortnite tournament at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas in December 2020. Jeff also helped start Game Changers Sports Network, an online sports network focused on finding the up and comers in the world of sports talk and sports content. In his spare time, Jeff uses StakeHaul to bet on golf matches against his friends and is a manager/player on one of the top FIFA 20 esports teams in North America.

  • Graduated from UW-Madison in 2009 with a BA in Economics
  • 10 years of private sports betting consultancy; .600 lifetime winning percentage
  • Finalist in multiple pitch competitions; got StakeHaul featured in a WSJ tech study

Mike Kilpatrick – Marketing

Mike is deeply embedded in the poker, golf, and esports industries. He started Esports Marketing Group in 2018, and quickly facilitated large-scale partnerships with various esports entities such as ENVY, CLOUD 9, and Complexity Gaming. Mike’s father is a professional poker player, which enabled Mike to build relationships with some of the most influential people in professional poker. Finally, Mike is a former professional golfer and has relationships with some of the top known golfers and brands in the U.S.

  • Graduated from Texas A&M in 2005 with a degree in Business Management & Marketing; member of the golf team
  • Esports clients include PRG (produces Super Bowl halftime show), Incredible Technologies (GoldenTee), SXSW Conference, and Gamers Outreach
  • Golf clients include TopGolf and the USGA

Brent Harrington – Business Development

Brent is deeply embedded in the North American poker community. Currently, Brent is working in poker media and esports as a writer, media coordinator, streamer, and host. He is the main writer and point of contact for the World Series of Poker, the largest and most popular poker tournament in the U.S. Also, he is a top reporter for PokerNews, where he provides online coverage for more than 80 poker tournaments a year. Finally, he co-hosts the PokerNews podcast. This podcast was nominated for Best Poker Podcast in 2018 and had 10,000+ interactions in the first week of release.

  • Graduated from California State University – Fullerton in 2015 with a Degree in Radio, TV, and Film with an emphasis on formats and writing
  • Navy Veteran with experience in many forms of media such as videography, photography, editing, copywriting, and public relations
  • Career winnings of $75,000 in officially recognized professional poker events

Andrew Paradis – Legal

Andrew has had quite a decorated legal career at his young age. He is currently the General Counsel at SPARQ Global and is the youngest individual on their executive board. He has experience in corporate and securities law, tax controversy and litigation, corporate and individual tax planning, trusts and estates, probate litigation, and international tax reporting/FATCA compliance.

  • Graduated from Georgetown University Law Center with a Masters of Laws in Taxation
  • Instrumental in creating all the legal paperwork to form StakeHaul as a LLC
  • Awarded for pro bono representation of taxpayers before the United States Tax Court on behalf of the New York County Lawyers Association in 2017

Check back for more updates on our continually expanding team!