Derrick Lewis Beating Daniel Cormier At UFC 230 Would Be The Upset of the Year

Can Derrick Lewis pull off the improbable and beat the #1 pound-for-pound UFC fighter in the world at UFC 230?Β Initial betting lines have The Black Beast as a massive underdog.

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear. We do not recommend betting on Derrick Lewis to beat Daniel Cormier at UFC 230 unless you’re a super fan like us but expect to lose.

Betting sites agree. For example, Bovada set their initial odds for Daniel Cormier as a -800 favorite and The Black Beast as a +500 underdog. This means that if you bet $100 on Cormier and he wins, you only win $12.50 plus your $100 back.

However, if Lewis pulls off the win, you’d win $500 on a $100 bet. Personally, we think the odds will shift to an even larger payout for a potential Lewis win.

The Biggest UFC Upset of 2018, So Far

In any case, a Lewis upset would be the upset of the year for UFC purposes and betting purposes. So far, Paul Craig defeating Magomed Ankalaev back in March was the biggest upset of 2018 from a betting perspective.

Please do yourself a favor and watch how Paul Craig won in the last second of the last round:

While betting sites opened as an aggregate +148, according to OddsShark, closing odds had Paul Craig between a +400 to +600 underdog.

The Fight

As of Monday, October 8th, Daniel Cormier is the #1 ranked pound-for-pound fighter in the world. Derrick Lewis isn’t even in the top 15.

In reality, this fight serves as nothing more than a Cormier tune-up for a megafight vs. Jon Jones or Brock Lesnar in 2019. We can’t imagine The Black Beast getting in enough recovery and conditioning to last a whole fight with Cormier in just a month.

Seriously, watch his post-match conference with Joe Rogan from UFC 229 again and catch his quote starting at 1:08.

Fuck what you talking about right now, I ain’t trying to fight for no title right now, not with no gas tank like that.

With all of this, it’s no wonder Lewis is viewed as a massive underdog.

Whatever, we don’t care. Derrick Lewis is #1 in our hearts. We’ll always bet on him. We hope he uses his 6.5″ reach advantage to land a one hitta quitta.

Until UFC 230, check out this hilarious promo video The Black Beast posted on his Instagram.

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We Are All Derrick “The Black Beast” Lewis Superfans After UFC 229

Derrick Lewis was betting and entertainment gold during UFC 229. All fans of the UFC should support The Black Beast going undefeated the rest of his career.

Bettors will make bets for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes, bettors will make bets based on peer pressure from a group. Every once in awhile, these winning bets create memories that last far after the event.Β Derrick Lewis made a lot of new fans after last night’s 3rd round, come-from-behind KO over fellow heavyweight Alexander Volkov.

Most sports fans likely never heard of heavyweight Derrick Lewis before UFC 229. Most likely, people watched UFC 229 to see Conor McGregor back in action.

However, our watch party had some hardcore UFC fans, and the first thing they did during the prelims was introduce us to The Black Beast and why they’re betting on him.

First things first, below is the matchup of Derrick Lewis and his opponent from UFC 229, courtesy of The Stats Zone:

When you look at this, it made sense as to why betting sites favored Volkov and gave +140 odds for The Black Beast to win.

So why did our group collectively bet on Lewis? Simple, because of post-match interviews like this.

Seriously, how can you not love the guy after saying that his body ain’t hurt, he’s just gotta take a shit?

Here’s another post-match interview.

Not as funny, but a humble assessment on how despite being an underdog and winning, he felt he didn’t give the fans the knockout they wanted.

Also, his Instagram game is on point.

Finally, if you like knockouts, Lewis has you covered. There’s something different and exciting about watching a heavyweight knock someone out versus the lighter weight classes.

The Fight

Alright, the peer pressure got to us. We were all in on Lewis. However, for the majority of the fight, we thought this was going to be a losing bet.

That is, until the waning seconds of the fight, when Lewis delivered one of the greatest come-from-behind knockouts in UFC history.

Unreal. Our group celebrated as one would expect when winning a bet like that. Screaming, hugging, jumping, and knocking beer over. However, what followed turned this night into a lasting memory.

Seriously, this post-match interview is the greatest we’ve ever seen. Please do yourself a favor and watch it over and over again.

Have you ever watched an athlete interview that combined brutal honesty with laugh-out-loud hilarity during the ENTIRE interview? We bet you haven’t.

But wait, there’s more! Check out this portion of his interview from after UFC 229 concluded.

What more is there to say? The night started out with a simple bet based on peer pressure and ended with lasting memories.

Derrick Lewis is a national treasure and is now our favorite UFC fighter. We hope he goes undefeated the rest of his career, and we plan on making a few more bets on his inevitable upcoming victories.