Nicolas Cage NFL Bets of 2018: Week 11

Sports betting Nicolas Cage won two out of three NFL bets last week. Here are his bets based on NFL Week 11 odds.

Did you take my advice last week and bet on the Chargers against the spread? I tell you what, that game was too close for comfort.

If I had lost that bet, on top of the Patriots taking a steamy shit on my bet on them…

By the way, I’m 8-3 in my NFL bets over the past three weeks. I think it’s my lucky crack pipe.

Just kidding. Seriously, don’t do crack.

Now that I’ve let out some steam, let’s get on to the bets for NFL Week 11.

The home team is always on the right. A minus spread shows that the home team is the favorite, while a + spread shows the home team is the underdog. Remember, my pick always includes the spread.

Carolina Panthers vs. Detroit Lions (+3.5)
Pick: Panthers

Right here is my bet of the weekend. Since I placed this bet, the line moved up to Panthers/Lions +4.5. The Panthers are a hell of a lot better than they showed last week against the Steelers. They showed this when they beat down the Ravens three weeks ago and beat down my bet on the Ravens.

Meanwhile, the Lions suck since they traded away Golden Tate, and will now be without their new #1 WR in Marvin Jones Jr. Also, they can’t stop anyone on defense, ranking in the bottom 5 in total points allowed. With Detroit at #29 in total DVOA and Carolina at #12, including top ten in offense, I’d bet on Carolina even if they were favored by a touchdown.

Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens (-4.5)
Pick: Ravens

Normally I hate betting on divisional matchups, but with all the injuries Cincinnati has, I’m not confident they can beat anyone outside those silly Raiders. Their defense sucks without Burfict. Those injuries to key players haven’t changed since I called it out last week.

On the other hand, the Ravens are at home, coming off a bye, and still have a top-5 ranked defense by many measures to pair with a respectable offense. Even if Flacco doesn’t play, I still expect the Ravens to win by at least a touchdown.

Houston Texans at Washington Redskins (+1.5)
Pick: Texans

Washington is down their top two guards and their pass catching RB. In addition, their top offensive tackle, Trent Williams, is questionable for Sunday. The Texans and their top-5 defense should feast all day on Alex Smith and their bottom tier offense.

I think the gap is that great to where the Texans will score an easy touchdown or two off Washington turnovers.

Happy Movember everyone, and you’re welcome for the betting tips.

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