Nicolas Cage NFL Bets of 2018: Week 8

Sports betting Nicolas Cage is here to remind you that if you dress like Halloween, ghouls will try to get in your pants. Also, Nicolas Cage has some NFL bets.

I can hear the haters already. “But Nic, that’s not you that said that quote about Halloween that’s John Travolta LOL!!!” 

First off, to all those that haven’t seen me in the movie Face/Off, you’re an idiot. Watch the movie, and you’ll know that’s my character that says it. In fact, do it now before I break into your grandparents’ nursing home and threaten to blow their heads off.

Finally, I’ve been called one of the most charitable actors in Hollywood, and for that, I’ve decided to gift you my NFL bets for Week 8. You’re welcome.

The home team is always on the right. A minus spread shows that the home team is the favorite, while a + spread shows the home team is the underdog. My pick always includes the spread.

Nicolas Cage Bets

Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers (-8)
Pick: Steelers

I see a little bit of myself in Baker Mayfield at that age, but no way the Steelers don’t cover at home with the hot streak they’re on before their bye week. This is my surest pick, and I’ll go full Cage Rage if this bet doesn’t cover.

Miami Dolphins at Houston Texans (-7.5)
Pick: Texans

Brock Assweilier still owes me a debt for having a career day vs. Chicago. I expect JJ Watt and the Houston defense to eat his soul tonight.

Baltimore Ravens at Carolina Panthers (+2)
Pick: Ravens

You’re a real asshole, Justin Tucker. I’m picking your team because the Ravens are 6-0 in their last six after a loss. However, I’m still coming after you when you least expect it.

New York Jets at Chicago Bears (-7)
Pick: Bears

I laughed my ass off when I heard so many “experts” picking the Jets to cover a +3 spread against the Vikings. I expect the Bears defense to force at least two turnovers and knock out the Jets early.

Washington Redskins at New York Giants (+1)
Pick: Redskins

The Giants just traded away their best run stopper and a starting cornerback. Not too many NFL teams have thrown in the towel halfway into a season where they acquired talent to make a Super Bowl run.

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