Premier League Clean Sheet Review – Game Week 2

Did your team keep a clean sheet this past weekend? Probably not. This Premier League Round 2 featured the lowest number of clean sheets of any Round 2 in the modern Premier League era.

Round 2 had only two teams that kept a clean sheet. This was a sharp contrast to Week 1.

Wolves v Man U ended in a 1-1 draw.

After the second week of PL action, here’s how the scores look:

Only two CS in Round 2?!?

After two weeks of Premier League action, here’s a comparison of teams, the number of clean sheets achieved, and their expected clean sheets according to bookie odds:

Liverpool surprises with zero CS so far this season.

So how accurate were the bookie predictions after GW 2?


Last week, we found that if someone was crazy enough to bet on every team to hold a CS, they would have made a little over 9 pounds per every one total pound bet. Translate that to dollars, and that would be $10.88 for every dollar bet.

However, this week, that same crazy person would have lost all that profit, and then some.

Liverpool still has not achieved a CS yet. Looking ahead, they have a little less than 40% probability to keep one against Arsenal this upcoming weekend. We wonder what the percentage would have been if Alisson wasn’t injured.

Looking ahead, there are three teams with a better than 50% chance to keep a CS: Manchester United, Manchester City, and Tottenham. They play Crystal Palace, Bournemouth, and Newcastle, respectively. We would expect one or two clean sheets here, with Tottenham given the best odds.

Finally, Everton has only a 30% of keeping a CS against Aston Villa, according to oddsmakers. Liverpool was the only team last season to keep a CS in their first three matches. Will Everton match them?

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