2019 Premier League Clean Sheet Review – Round 3

Did your team keep a clean sheet last weekend? After three weeks, there have been 18.13 expected clean sheets in the Premier League, but only 14 achieved.

Round 3 had only three teams that kept a clean sheet. This was similar to Round 2, where teams set a new clean sheet record low for that round.

After the third week of PL action, here’s how the scores look:

After three weeks of Premier League action, here’s a comparison of teams, the number of clean sheets achieved, and their expected clean sheets according to bookie odds:

Three of the Top 6 teams still don’t have a CS this season.

So how accurate were the bookie predictions after Round 3?


After three weeks, there have been 18.13 expected CS combined from all twenty teams. There have been only fourteen achieved thus far in the Premier League season. Will the amount of CS increase back to the expected number soon?

Remember how last week we made a prediction that at least one and likely two of Manchester City, Manchester United, and Tottenham would keep a CS?

Yeah, forget that. Not only did exactly zero of these teams kept a CS, but two of those teams also lost.

Looking ahead, Manchester City sets a new season record for highest probability of keeping a CS – 66.6% chance at home vs. Brighton. No other team has had higher than a 60% chance of keeping a CS this season.

Finally, Liverpool is over a 50% probability of keeping a CS this weekend. Including this week’s odds means their expected number of CS will be right around 2 after four weeks. The bookies believe that a Liverpool CS is just around the corner.

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