The Haul – Fantasy Football Playoff Preview

After a fantasy football regular season of ups and downs, our playoff bracket is set. We limped into the playoffs as the 5th seed, but are hopeful for a strong finish.

Final Regular Season Power Rankings

StakeHaul Fantasy Football Regular Season - Final - 2018

The picture above shows a week-by-week comparison of all the playoff teams in our fantasy football league, along whether we actually won or lost our matchup. The “Total” column shows our overall records if we played every team every week. The “Actual” column shows our final records and the seed in our playoffs each team received.

Since we’re the 5th seed, we have concerns about how our team will perform in the playoffs considering our poor final two weeks. Also, our first round opponent is much stronger than their season record indicates. According to our power rankings, this team is the second strongest team in our league.

StakeHaul vs #4 Seed

FAAB Dollars Remaining: $63

On one hand, ESPN projections favor our lineup to the #4 seed. On the other hand, we feel most avid fantasy football players would prefer our opponent’s lineup this weekend based on potential explosiveness.

The biggest individual matchups here are Aaron Rodgers vs. Patrick Mahomes and Saquon Barkley vs. Alvin Kamara. We hope Baltimore’s top ranked defense can reign in Patrick Mahomes, while Aaron Rodgers balls out against an injury ravaged Atlanta defense. Also, we’re hoping that Rodgers plays inspired football now that the Packers fired Mike McCarthy.

#6 Seed vs #3 Seed

This matchup features a six seed that’s been quite hot over the past four weeks and a three seed that’s been consistently above average most of the season. Presumably, Christian McCaffery will have to have another big game for the six seed to have any chance at winning.

#1 Seed Lineup

#2 Seed Lineup

Our top two seeds get a bye week this upcoming weekend. We beat the #1 seed in the first week of the season and lost to them in Week 12. However, they scored the highest number of total fantasy points throughout the season. The #2 seed rode Todd Gurley’s coattails throughout most of the season and looked to coast to the top seed, but losses in their last two weeks cost them.

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