The Haul – Fantasy Football Week 10

A high scoring fantasy football weekend netted us a win and a four-way tie for second place. If that wasn’t exciting enough, we made another trade.

Fantasy Football Week 10 Summary (for last week’s result, click here)

StakeHaul vs Team #3

Week 10 Points: 137.4
Head-to-Head League Result: W 137.4-107.9
Total Season Points: 1230.6
League Record: 6-4
League Standings: T-2nd
Power Rankings Record (This Week): 10-1
Power Rankings Record (Overall): 62-48 (5th)
Total Season Haul From Side Bets: +$90
FAAB Dollars Remaining: $88

Wait, Another Trade!?

While we didn’t spend FAAB dollars this past week, we swung our third fantasy football trade of the season, effective immediately after Week 10 concluded.

We traded away the following:

  • Tom Brady (NE QB)
  • Courtland Sutton (DEN WR)

In return, we received:

  • Aaron Rodgers (GB QB)
  • Austin Ekeler (LAC RB)

We like this trade on two fronts. One, we believe Aaron Rodgers provides us with an upgraded starting QB. Two, we get cover in case Melvin Gordon hurts himself again. However, we are going to miss Courtland Sutton and his potential to be a valuable keeper next season.

We posted a poll on Twitter on who got the better end of this trade. Twitter gave us the advantage.

Thoughts From Week 10

  1. We had to endure a rough three weeks of low fantasy output from Kenny Golladay, so we’re glad he rebounded in a big way. In all honesty, we’ve been trying to trade him over the last month, to no avail. We tried including him instead of Sutton in trade talks with the team we got Aaron Rodgers from. We’re hoping Kenny G can be a valuable starter down the stretch.
  2. Speaking of Kenny Golladay, we tried packaging him in a trade to receive Leonard Fournette to that same team we ended up getting Aaron Rodgers from. Frankly, this team needed wide receivers, and we were looking to consolidate our bench into every-week FLEX starters. At the end of the day, the other manage wanted to see how Fournette would do for the rest of the season. It will be interesting to analyze this non-move at the end of the fantasy football season.
  3. We’ve been ridiculously impatient with kickers this season. We dropped Dustin Hopkins (Redskins) and put in Jason Myers (Jets). This transaction lost us six points when comparing the two. Also, we will have to change kickers for next week since the Jets have a bye week.
  4. Ditto for tight ends. We dropped Jordan Reed (Redskins) and picked up Evan Engram (Giants). Despite their team records, we like the potential of the Giants offense more than the Redskins potential. Also, Reed hadn’t scored a touchdown since Week 1. Their performance this past weekend was very comparable, but we really need a healthy Rob Gronkowski to be a difference maker come playoff time.
  5. Overall, a strong team performance, despite our now former quarterback doing nothing against the Titans defense. Even better, second place lost to first place. We are now in a four-way tie for second and the other playoff bye.

Hear It From Our Week 10 Opponent!

Get this season over with. When is the 2019 draft scheduled for?

Week 11 Preview and Looking Forward

StakeHaul vs. Team #9

For Week 11, we face a team with a 5-5 record and 9th place in our power rankings. This team got absolutely boned by Cody Parkey last week. Parkey got -7 points, and this team lost by 1.1 points. You have to see this for yourself.

As we stated earlier, we’re in 5th place in our power rankings. Our power rankings are based on a W-L record using our score from each week and comparing it to the other teams score that week. For example, our Week 10 W-L record was 10-1, which means we were the second highest scoring team in the league in Week 10. Below is our season long power rankings record compared to the league:

Our power rankings record is 62-48. This tells us our actual league record is in line with how well our team has scored this season. It also shows we got lucky to win Weeks 3,6, and 7, while we were unlucky to lose Weeks 2,4, and 9.

Here’s to hoping Aaron Rodgers can make our squad stronger going forward.

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