The Haul – Fantasy Football Week 11

Our fantasy football team continued its strong performance, but the Chiefs v. Rams game prevented us from claiming the top score of the week. Looking ahead, our next matchup could determine who gets the second bye in our playoffs.

Fantasy Football Week 11 Summary (for last week’s result, click here)

StakeHaul vs Team #9

Week 10 Points: 134.3
Head-to-Head League Result: W 134.3-79.1
Total Season Points: 1364.9
League Record: 7-4
League Standings: T-2nd
Power Rankings Record (This Week): 8-3
Power Rankings Record (Overall): 70-51
Total Season Haul From Side Bets: +$90
FAAB Dollars Remaining: $88

Lineup Moves

For all those that read last week’s fantasy football post, you know we traded for Aaron Rodgers. However, we had to replace our IDP and our kicker due to bye weeks for our normal starters. Thus, we brought in Landon Collins (NYG S) and the Tennessee Titans kicker, Ryan Succop.

By the way, this was Sports Betting Nicolas Cage’s reaction when we told him we picked up a player from the Titans…

We guess that when one loses two sports bets on the Titans, that person kinda freaks out and make no sense.

Anyways, as a Wisconsin startup and Green Bay Packers fans, it’s really hard to admit that the Chicago Bears look like a good team this year, especially on offense. However, we bit our tongue, picked up Anthony Miller, and dropped Tre’Quan Smith due to Miller’s WR production over the last four weeks.

Finally, we asked Twitter for their thoughts on who to start in our flex spot this week: Chris Carson or Kenny Golladay.

Thoughts From Week 11

  1. We went against the Twitter consensus and started Kenny Golladay. While we’re pleased that Carson played well against Green Bay and made it through without injury, we couldn’t be happier with starting Golladay. Obviously, Golladay is a must start in Week 12, even against the Bears defense.
  2. Aaron Rodgers gave us a solid 22 points, but we’re increasingly paranoid that Rodgers might start mailing it in towards the end of the season if the Packers don’t start winning. Call us crazy, but he doesn’t look like he wants to be out there with Mike McCarthy still calling the plays. Also, he’s not giving any “R-E-L-A-X” or “I think we can run the table” quotes to reassure the fans.
  3. The Bears defense continues to show itself as our best waiver wire pickup of the season. They have two tough matchups during Weeks 14 and 15 (Rams and Packers), but they’re playing so well that we’re second guessing benching them for those weeks.

Hear It From Our Week 11 Opponent!

Just like I’ve been saying all week, I had no chance. I still think you have bribe material on these managers you made trades with this season.

Editor’s note: Our opponent went on a long tirade after seeing we traded for Aaron Rodgers. In fact, he changed his team name and logo to appropriately vent his anger at the team that originally had Rodgers.

Week 12 Preview and Looking Forward

StakeHaul vs. Team #6

Our matchup in Week 12 has big playoff implications. We face another 7-4 team and the highest scoring team in the league. We faced this team Week 1 and won, but we had to field the highest scoring team of Week 1 to win.

Basically, we need to win this week to have a chance to claim the second bye in our league playoffs, which would be Week 14.

As we stated earlier, we’re still in 5th place in our power rankings. Our power rankings are based on a W-L record using our score from each week and comparing it to the other teams score that week. Below is our season long power rankings record compared to the league:

We’ve got three straight weeks of consistently strong performance heading into the playoffs. This week will go a long way in showing how our playoffs will be seeded.

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