The Haul – Fantasy Football Week 8 and Week 9

Our first ever two game losing streak in this league happened thanks to facing the two top scoring teams back-to-back and unfortunate bye week schedules.

Fantasy Football Week 8 Summary (for last week’s result, click here)

StakeHaul vs Team #11

Week 8 Points: 104.1
Head-to-Head League Result: L 104.1-142.7

Fantasy Football Week 9 Summary

StakeHaul vs Team #12

Week 8 Points: 130.1
Head-to-Head League Result: L 130.1-135.5

Total Season Points: 1093.2
Record: 5-4
League Standings: T-3rd
Power Rankings: 5th (unchanged)
Total Season Haul From Side Bets: +$90
FAAB Dollars Remaining: $88 (-$69)

FAAB Dollars Spent

Prior to Week 8, we spent $17 on Raheem Mostert (SF RB) and $2 on Dustin Hopkins (WAS K). Also, when we found out Rob Gronkowski picked up an injury, we paid $18 for Jordan Reed (WAS TE). The amount we bid for Reed was overkill since no other team bothered to place any bid on him.

Prior to Week 9, we successfully bid $32 on Courtland Sutton, the new #2 WR on Denver.

Thoughts From Week 8

This wasn’t the first two game losing streak we’ve had in our fantasy football career, but it was the first in three years in this league.

It turns out we never had a chance in Week 8. Unfortunately, neither Raheem Mostert nor Kenny Golladay could take advantage of juicy matchups. In reality, Odell Beckham Jr. outscoring Tyreek Hill was the only positive from that week.

Hear It From Our Week 8 Opponent!

Hahaha your top heavy team never had a chance. Looking forward to beating you again in the playoffs.

Thoughts From Week 9

This loss hurts a lot, even with Odell Beckham Jr. on a bye week.

First, our starting WRs could not get anything going. Second, Gronk did not play, and his replacement, Jordan Reed, scored very little. Third, our FLEX, Chris Carson, got hurt in the first half and did not return. Finally, and most maddeningly, James White outscored Tom Brady.

On a positive note, it was nice to see the Cowboys force Amari Cooper targets and see him score a touchdown. We’re not upset that not putting him in the starting lineup cost us a win. For us, the risk of putting in a newly traded WR on a bad offense over established #2 WRs on above average offenses outweighed the benefits.

Finally, we can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that Melvin Gordon seems to be over his hamstring injury.

Hear It From Our Week 9 Opponent!

Unlucky for you…see you in the playoffs.

Week 10 Preview and Looking Forward

Team #3 vs. StakeHaul

For Week 10, we face the currently last place team in our league. We believe this team to be much stronger than their position, however. Our opponent has the unfortunate combination of being 1st in points against and inconsistent scoring from players besides Saquon Barkley. Regardless, we need this win in order to keep pace for a playoff berth.

Looking forward, the top scoring teams in our league make up our projected playoff bracket. We’re 2-3 against the top teams, with our Week 8 loss being the only bad loss against the currently 1st place team.

Our 5-4 overall record has us tied for 3rd place with three other teams. Over our final four regular season matchups, three of them are against teams in the bottom half of our league. Therefore, we anticipate we’ll need to win those three matchups to secure one of the six playoff berths.

It might be too late to secure a first round bye in our playoffs, but we are one win behind the second place team, a team we beat in Week 1. If we win out, there’s always a chance.

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