The Haul – Fantasy Futból Week 2

No changes in our EPL fantasy futból lineup. No luck on successfully completing the Dele challenge. Still another great points haul from the EPL team.

EPL Fantasy Futból Week 2 Results (to see last week’s results, click here)

Week 2 Points: 72
Total Points: 142
Default League Position: 2
Head-to-Head League Result: W
Head-to-Head League Record: 2-0
Lineup Shakeup: None

Recall we’ve mentioned how once the season starts, each team gets one free transfer per week, and each subsequent transfer per week subtracts 4 points from your season total. However, if a team decides to not make any transfers one week, they get a second free transfer the following week.

Things We Like

  1. We saved our transfer from Game Week 1 to 2, and now have two transfers for this week because we had confidence in our initial lineup. Even with the hot starts of Richarlison and Benjamin Mendy, we weren’t ready to transfer them in because A) we don’t know if Mendy is a rotation risk, and B) history suggests individuals at a new club, like Richarlison, are very inconsistent. We may revisit this in the upcoming weeks.
  2. If we were to transfer in Richarlison, we would have likely transfer out Ryan Sessegnon. However, after watching Fulham play Tottenham this past weekend, I was pleasantly surprised with how fast Sessegnon got up the pitch and blew past Tottenham defenders. He tallied an assist, but he could have easily gotten two goals. One shot was blocked by Lloris at point blank due to a well timed goalie charge. The other was one Sessegnon should have scored off a cross, but fluffed it. Luckily, he fluffed it directly to his teammate who was able to get his head on the ball and tap it in.
  3. Beginning the year, we initially had Alexis Sanchez and Roberto Firmino, but last minute swapped those two for Sergio Aguero and Sadio Mane. Needless to say, that switch gave us 36 extra points in only two weeks. Also, after watching the Liverpool match this week, Firmino is playing the CF in a False 9 much farther back than last year. Whether this will change in the upcoming weeks, but he is not worth his price, in our opinion.

Things We Wish

  1. We had Mendy in our initial Week 1 lineup, but swapped him out for Ben Davies. Needless to say, that cost us 20 points through two weeks. Mendy doesn’t look like he’s slowing down anytime soon, as his 12 crosses against Huddersfield last week set a record for most crosses by a Man City player in the past two years.

Who will we transfer in for next Saturday’s EPL matches?

Also, next week, fantasy football starts! Stay tuned to see how our draft plays out.

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