The Haul – Fantasy Futból Week 4

While we wait for fantasy football to start, our fantasy PL futból team is holding steady in 2nd place, seven points back of 1st, going into the international break. We’re also tracking new fantasy PL stats to analyze our transfer decisions.

Fantasy PL Futból Week 4 Results (to see last week’s results, click here)

Week 4 Points: 50
Total Points: 235
Default League Position: 2 (no change)
Head-to-Head League Result: L
Head-to-Head League Record: 3-1
Lineup Shakeup: (Free) Ryan Sessegnon (MID – FUL; 6.4M) to Ryan Fraser (MID – BOU; 5.6M)
Net Point Haul/Loss from Transfers (This Week): +1
Net Point Haul/Loss from Transfers (Season – Weeks of Initial Transfer): -3
Net Point Haul/Loss from Transfers (Season – Cumulative): +7
Money in the Bank (Started): 0.5M
Money in the Bank (GW3 Transfers): 1.3M
Money in the Bank (Current): 2.1M
Squad Value Increase/Decrease From Transfers: +0.6M
Money Gained/Saved From Transfers & Available to Spend: +0.4M

The Net Point Haul/Loss (Season – Individual Weeks) is an increase or decrease in points from week to week on which the initial transfer occurred. The Cumulative stat is the increase or decrease in points from when the initial transfer occurred to the current game week, including the transfer for the most current game week.

Example: Last week, we transferred out Josh King and Ben Davies for Danny Ings and Benjamin Mendy, respectively. King and Davies combined for 10 points last week and 3 points this week. Ings and Mendy combined for 6 points last week and 13 this week. This week we transferred Sessegnon for Fraser. Sessegnon got one point and Fraser got 2 points.

Thus, last week’s transfers net us -4 points, and the one transfer from this week net us +1, for a total of -3 points week by week. However, the cumulative season long point gain so far from these transfers is +7.

Things We Like

  1. Remember how last week we said we’d captain Mo Salah until we found another player matchup too tantalizing to resist? We thought we found that and captained Sergio Aguero. Turns out, all of the top 5 teams in our default, big money league captained him as well. It still turned out to be a good decision since Aguero’s assist and bonus point earned us an extra 8 points over keeping Salah as captain. Don’t expect this to continue, as we fully expect Salah to return his form last year that set the Premier League on fire.
  2. We’re fortunate that bench players automatically get subbed in for points purposes if a starter does not play in his respective match. In our case, we started Wilfred Zaha, but unbeknownst to us, he was hurt and did not play. However, Danny Ings got subbed in and hauled us two bonus points and points from scoring a goal.
  3. It was nice to finally see Luke Shaw and Manchester United get a clean sheet. Could this be the turning point in their season?
  4. 2.1M in our bank to track players during the international break and determine who to transfer in. Diligent planning and management of our lineup and the salary cap has given us a leg up on our scoring as opposed to last year.

Things We Hate

  1. Since his goal in Week 1, Bernardo Silva has done next to nothing in terms of points. In fact, he didn’t even start this past game week. We’re not sure how much longer we can stomach starting a player if he continues to be rotated in and out of the lineup.
  2. Ditto for Aaron Wan-Bissaka. Since his 12 point outburst in the first week, he scored a grand total of -2 points the last three game weeks combined, with one of them serving a suspension. It’s unlikely we’ll get rid of him since he’s one of the cheapest starting DEF in fantasy, but how can we trust to start him again?

With the international break, fantasy PL is taking a break this weekend, and will be back Saturday, September 15th.

Also, in a few days, the fantasy football season starts! Check out our post on how we did in our draft.

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