The Haul – FPL Fantasy Futból Week 10 and Week 11

Is the tide finally turning for our FPL fantasy futból squad?

FPL Week 10 and Week 11 Results (to see Week 9 results, click here)

Fantasy Premier League Week 10 Points: 77

Fantasy Premier League Week 11 Points: 71

Total FPL Points: 611
Default League Position: (up from 3rd)
Head-to-Head League Result (Week 10/Week 11): W/L
Head-to-Head League Record: 5-6

Lineup Shakeup

  • (Free) Kevin De Bruyne (MID – MCI; 9.7M) to Anthony Martial (MID – MUN; 7.4M
  • (Free) Luke Shaw (DEF – MUN; 5.0M) to Benjamin Mendy (DEF – MCI; 6.3M)

Point Haul/Loss from Transfers (This Week): +11
Net Point Haul/Loss from Transfers (Season – Weeks of Initial Transfer): -17
Money in the Bank (Week 11 Transfers): 1.0M
Money in the Bank (Current): 1.0M
Squad Value: 102.6M

Things We Like

  1. In Week 10, we captained Salah, and he rewarded us with 30 total points. It’s nice to see weeks like this to justify Salah’s high salary on our squad.
  2. Marcos Alonso showed us why he’s the highest priced defender in FPL. A clean sheet plus an assist netted us 11 points in Week 10. Also, while he didn’t nab a clean sheet in Week 11, he did record another assist.
  3. In a year full of questionable transfer decisions, transferring in Anthony Martial was a great one. We needed to make this transfer in order to get in Benjamin Mendy. Martial rewarded our squad with a goal and three bonus points.

Things We Hate

  1. We shouldn’t have transferred out Sadio Mané before Week 9. In Week 10, he scored 15 points, whereas Kevin De Bruyne only netted one point.
  2. Unfortunately, we made the wrong captain decision in Week 11. The tried and true method of deciding whether to captain Mo Salah or Sergio Aguero seems to be to pick the guy that’s at home. We stuck with Salah in Week 11 due to his Week 10 and the fact that 27 total goals were scored in Liverpool vs. Arsenal matches in the past five games. This decision cost us 11 points.
  3. James Maddison, despite the easy schedule these last two weeks, did not record a goal nor an assist either week.

Looking Forward

After eleven game weeks, we are back up to 2nd place and 54 points behind 1st. Our squad is in great position to make a run to take 1st place, especially since we still have our wildcard chip. Barring injuries, we plan to hold on to our wildcard for as long as possible.

Recall that the squad in 1st place after Game Week 20 will receive $450, and the team in 1st at the end of the Premier League season also gets $450.

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