The Haul – FPL Fantasy Futból Week 14

For Week 14 in FPL, we decided to risk a transfer hit to bring in Raheem Sterling and captain him. It turned out to be one of our best moves of the season.

FPL Week 14 Results (to see last week’s results, click here)

Fantasy Premier League Week 14 Points: 66

Total FPL Points: 788 (includes Week 14 -4 transfer hit)
Default League Position: 2nd (no change)
Head-to-Head League Result: W
Head-to-Head League Record: 7-7 (place)

Lineup Shakeup

  • (Free) Richarlison (MID – EVE; 6.8M) to David Brooks (MID – BOU; 5.1M)
  • (-4 hit) Anthony Martial (MID – MUN; 7.5M) to Raheem Sterling (MID – MCI; 11.3M)

Point Haul/Loss from Transfers (This Week): +12
Net Point Haul/Loss from Transfers (Season – Weeks of Initial Transfer): +6
Money in the Bank (Week 14 Transfers): 0.0M
Money in the Bank (Current): 0.1M
Squad Value: 102.9M

Things We Like

  1. Bringing in Raheem Sterling, despite the -4 transfer hit, paid dividends this past weekend. Normally, we avoid taking a four point transfer hit because it rarely pays off. However, we made an exception this week due to our plan to captain him. To fund this, we chose to move out Richarlison due to his upcoming opponents. Everton faced Liverpool this past weekend and face Man City and Tottenham over the next four game weeks. We also moved out Anthony Martial due to concerns over his upcoming game time. As it turned out, Sterling’s two bonus points plus captaincy paid for the transfer hit, and his goal gave us a nice point haul.
  2. We gained 25 points on first place in our big money FPL league. Twelve of those points came from the Sterling and Brooks transfers. Felipe Anderson is on fire these last few weeks, scoring another goal and nabbing two bonus points, for a total of ten points.
  3. For the first time this season, our entire back line had clean sheets. We’ll gladly take this, despite the fact that none of them received bonus points.

Things We Hate

  1. All three players on our bench did not feature in this past game week due to injuries. We planned on transferring out one of our goalies for Game Week 15 due to both of them facing top six teams. However, we now need to burn the transfer on Sergio Aguero due to his potential absence in Game Week 15 and heavy rotation throughout the Christmas period.

Looking Forward

After fourteen game weeks, we are still in 2nd place. However, our squad is in great position to make a run at 1st place, especially since we still have our wildcard chip.

We are now only twenty five points behind first place with a stronger lineup than first. Barring injuries, we plan to hold on to our wildcard for as long as possible to capture first place before the New Year.

Recall that the squad in 1st place after Game Week 20 will receive $450, and the team in 1st at the end of the Premier League season also gets $450.

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