The Haul – FPL Fantasy Futból Week 9

Our decision to captain Mohamed Salah helped our FPL fantasy futból squad, but we still did not make up any ground on the first place squad.

FPL Week 9 Results (to see last week’s results, click here)

FPL Week 9 Points: 47
Total Points: 463
Default League Position: 3rd (up from 4th)
Head-to-Head League Result: L
Head-to-Head League Record: 4-5

Lineup Shakeup

  • (Free) Sadio Mane (MID – LIV; 9.7M) to Kevin De Bruyne (MID – MCI; 9.7M)

Point Haul/Loss from Transfers (This Week): -1
Net Point Haul/Loss from Transfers (Season – Weeks of Initial Transfer): -28
Money in the Bank (GW8 Transfers): 0M
Money in the Bank (Current): 0M
Squad Value: 102.3M

Things We Like

  1. Finally, on the ninth try, we started a goalie that recorded a clean sheet!
  2. We captained Salah over Aguero this week and it got us an extra four total season points.

Things We Hate

  1. Marcos Alonso netted only one point this week against a struggling Manchester United squad. Maybe we were overconfident in thinking Chelsea would take advantage of this situation and at least net a clean sheet.
  2. While our goalie (Ben Foster – Watford) recorded a clean sheet, we started a defender on the opposing team (Wolves) and got nothing out of him.
  3. Frankly, our lineup is scoring less than expected lately. We now lost four in a row in our head-to-head league. It’s tough to have the patience to stick to our guns.

Looking Forward

After nine game weeks, we are up to third place, and we didn’t gain nor lose ground on first place. We need to start thinking on when we will use our wildcard. We’re hoping that De Bruyne gets back to full match fitness soon so he can start accumulating points. Also, we’re hoping his value shoots up quickly in case we decide to transfer him out during our wildcard.

Recall that the squad in 1st place after Game Week 20 will receive $450, and the team in 1st at the end of the Premier League season also gets $450.

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