Welcome To StakeHaul!

What is StakeHaul?

StakeHaul is social wagering for the next generation. With StakeHaul, you can easily challenge your friends to games of skill or even be a third-party judge between mutual friends. Stake your hard earned cash, a night out on the town, or even your dignity! We strive to be the most entertaining and the most interactive social wagering platform on the market.

Can’t I just make wagers through another method?  For example, via text?

No, that’s stupid. Our platform provides for the most efficient way for you to track your wagers and brag to your friends about who’s the best.

I’ll just bet my friends verbally in the moment then.

No, that’s stupid. We are sure you have that one friend who will make up every excuse in the book as to why a verbal bet isn’t valid. Use StakeHaul as a “virtual contract” and shame that losing friend into paying up.

Ok, I’m sold.  Can I really challenge my friends to anything using StakeHaul?

Yes! We encourage our users to be creative when coming up with challenges that require your brains, your brawn, or both! Below are a few ideas:

  • Sports Challenge: One-on one game of basketball
  • Great Outdoors Challenge: Fishing
  • Eating/Drinking Challenge: Wing eating

This platform is awesome, but I have a suggestion that would make it even more awesome.

Great! We love feedback. You can either tap on the “Send Feedback” button (located in the Account section), or you can email us at feedback@stakehaul.com.

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